There's waffles galore at Seabrook Waffle Company!

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Cool Spaces: Seabrook Waffle House
At Seabrook Waffle House, they're serving up sweet waffles, savory waffles and everything in between!

SEABROOK, TX (KTRK) -- Nestled just off of Highway 146 in Seabrook is a quaint little cottage that proves waffles aren't just for breakfast anymore.

From bacon and chicken to Nutella and banana foster -- no topping is off limits at Seabrook Waffle Company.

Seabrook Waffle is known not only for their authentic Belgian-Style waffles served for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also for the cool space itself.

Waffle lovers gather outside on the front patio at the custom-made tables, chairs under colorful umbrellas, all surrounded by an abundance of large oak trees.

Inside, artwork from local artists is displayed on the walls as a way to support the community. "From baby showers to book clubs and bible studies, it's become an amazing little community place for families, teenagers and children to gather," says co-owner Sarah Bilnoski.

Thriving since it first opened its doors in May of 2012, the restaurant was inspired by a trip to Belgium.

Seabrook says the secret to their sweet and savory waffles is that they are made from dough, not batter.

"Between the food and the atmosphere, the people just keep coming back,"," says co-owner Trina Waltenbaugh. "We love it."

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