The Fay School students transform 1993 Mercedes into the perfect Art Car

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Tuesday, April 11, 2023
Fay School Students transform 1993 Mercedes into the perfect Art Car
Scholarship made in honor of late teacher helps The Fay School enter the Art Car Parade for the first time.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It's a school project that started in January with the help of some dads.

"The kids today are going to watch us remove the top, later they will actually decorate the car themselves," an excited Phillip Fox said as he got started.

The Fay School is putting together their first Art Car project thanks to the ingenuity of Art Teacher Katherine Price. In her 21st year at The Fay School, Ms. Price is the recipient of the Gena Lewis Distinguished Teacher Award. The annual award funds selected experiential projects and recognizes the teacher who proposed the idea.

"This is our first Art Car project and I was blown away that I won the first Gena Lewis Award" Price said.

Gena Lewis was one of The Fay School's initial first grade teachers. During her 18 year tenure at the school, her out-of-the-box teaching methods pushed students to expand their education. The Gena Lewis Distinguished Teacher Award continues her legacy.

"To have each student to come out here, we sanded the car, we primed the car, we painted it green. We had a lot of spills but it was worth it" Price said.

Head of School, Morgan Scoville loved it.

"We learn by doing and then reflection that is what we're really about at Fay. Our kids are thriving and getting a great education. This is a testament to their collaborative nature and their desire to learn" Scoville said.

Ms. Price received the grant to buy the vehicle for her students to transform it into the perfect Fay School Art Car.

"We were able to buy a 1993 Mercedes Station Wagon which we have turned into a Gator car representing our Fay School Gators and the Fay community" Price said.

You can see the Fay School Gator Art Car in Saturday's Art Car Parade at 2 PM streaming live on the ABC13 24/7 streaming channel.

"I think she (Gena Lewis) would be overjoyed that her legacy is being carried on and that we get to share a love of education in her name. She would be proud" Price said.