Socialite's mysterious death in 1969 is the next Texas True Crime

Monday, May 8, 2023
Texas True Crime: Murder and Money
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She was a beautiful champion equestrian. He was one of the top plastic surgeons in the country. To almost everyone, it seemed like John and Joan Hill had it all - until her sudden and strange death.

HOUSTON, Texas -- In 1969, the sudden, mysterious death of a beautiful socialite captivated Texas.

Joan Robinson Hill was a champion equestrian and daughter of a millionaire oilman, married to a plastic surgeon at the top of his profession. Their colonial River Oaks mansion was one of the grandest homes in Houston. To most people, it looked like the couple had it all - but Joan's unexpected death at the age of 38 was shrouded in bizarre circumstances and rumors.

Her husband, Dr. John Hill, would become the first person indicted by the state of Texas on the charge of murder by omission. But he himself would be killed just a couple of years later, gunned down in his own mansion. Before he was even buried, there was speculation - was it a robbery or did someone want him dead?

Miya Shay explores one of the strangest murder sagas in Houston history, in our next episode of Texas True Crime, coming soon.