New stickers give Texans 3 ways to share complaints at gas pumps

ByKeith Browning KTRK logo
Friday, November 13, 2020
New stickers give Texans 3 ways to share complaints at gas pumps
Gas station owners could be fined up to $800 if the new stickers aren't displayed at gas pumps by Dec. 1.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Time is ticking for gas stations across Texas to install brand new stickers on gas pumps. It's all in an effort to keep drivers safe at the pump.

The new blue stickers will read "Protect the Pump," which will be in the outline of Texas. The stickers will also feature a QR code which will direct drivers to the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation website when scanned.

"It's got information for consumers on how to file a complaint if they feel like they got bad gas or if they didn't get the amount of gas that they paid for or if they suspect that there may be skimmer activity on the pump," said the spokesperson for TDLR Tela Mange.

The FBI reports confirm that consumers and banks lose more than a billion dollars annually to skimmers on gas pumps and ATMs.

"We wanted to take the opportunity to expand the things that we could tell people while they're kind of a captive audience, like getting gasoline. So we included the information on how to file a complaint, and there's also a safety message on there reminding folks to drive friendly, the Texas way," Mange said.

The sticker also gives tips for pumping gas safely. Those tips include being aware of your surroundings and checking the pump for tampering.

State law requires the stickers to display the amount of money drivers pay for in state and federal taxes for each gallon of gas.

Gas station owners have until Dec. 1 to install the new stickers.

The state can fine owners up to $800 for pumps that don't have the new sticker after Dec. 1.

Mange said state officials are working with owners to make sure they are in compliance.