DAY 6: Doctor and Denny's manager testifies in trial of Terry Thompson

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Day 6 of Denny's trial underway
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Mayra Moreno has more on testimony during Day 6 of the trial.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The state rested its case Wednesday in the trial of Terry Thompson. He is charged in the murder of John Hernandez.

Day six of the trial also featured testimonies from a doctor and the manager of the Denny's restaurant.

During testimony Wednesday, Dr. William Smock answered questions about the fatal incident.

Smock specializes in asphyxiation and talked about what happens during a chokehold.

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He testified that you lose consciousness at 6.8 seconds. At 30 seconds, you lose control of your bowels and between 62 seconds and just under two minutes, you lose your life.

While the defense argued that Hernandez was fighting back, Smock testified that Hernandez was moving around because he was gasping for air.

The family believes the trial is dragging on longer than they expected. They are ready for the trial to be over.

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