It's November! Here's what kind of weather Houstonians can expect this year

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Thursday, November 3, 2022
It's November! What kind of weather can Houstonians expect this year?
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ABC13 chief meteorologist Travis Herzog gives a rundown of what Houstonians can expect from this year's November weather.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- November is here, and like October, it usually brings a lot of weather changes along with it.

Historically, this month brings Houston's first fall day with a high in the 50s and the first morning with a low in the 30s. Freezes are possible in November, but they usually hold off until December.

High temperatures start the month averaging in the upper 70s, then drop to the upper 60s right after Thanksgiving. This is also one of only three months in the year with no record-highs in the 90s!

Low temperatures at the start of November average in the mid-50s, but the average at the end of the month is in the upper 40s! The declining sunshine is a big reason for the cooling temperatures observed over the month.

At the start of November, Houston receives just under 11 hours of daylight, but by the end of the month, that daylight is down to just over 10 hours and 20 minutes.

As the fall fronts merge with humid Gulf air left over from the hurricane season, severe weather is possible. Believe it or not, more tornadoes occur in southeast Texas during November than in any other month of the year.

So, what do we expect this November?

The prevailing weather pattern is expected to bring warmer and drier conditions than a typical November in Houston, increasing the chance that drought either stays the same or intensifies a little as the month goes on. That said, there will still be cold fronts that blow in rain, and based on the pattern we've observed lately, any front with thunderstorms will need to be monitored for severe weather, including tornadoes.

Regardless of what the weather brings, we predict there will be a lot of turkey and pie consumed near the end of the month!

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