Google shaking up the way your search on your smart phone

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Google is shaking things up with the way you search for web content on your phone. It's called Mobilegeddon, and it's forcing website owners to restructure their pages to be more mobile friendly. And there could be consequences for those who do not comply.

According to recent studies, mobile devices now account for nearly 60 percent of online traffic. And when you're performing searches on these smaller screens, sometimes if difficult to read the content. But Google is looking to do something about that.

From business tips, social networking, even career advice, Your Daily Success Tip is updated daily by its CEO, Dayna Steele.

"I try to find the one thing that would help the most number of people be successful that day," said Steele.

But in order to get her message out to more followers, she had to make some adjustments to her site to be mobile-friendly.

"If people are looking for your information online and can't read it on their phone, they're going to go elsewhere," said Steele.

"Seventy to 80 percent of all searches that happen on the internet happen on Google. And 50 percent of those searches on Google are on mobile devices. So you kind of have to get with the times," said web designer Cindy Pruitt.

Pruitt says Google is restructuring their search algorithm to favor sites that are mobile based. While it will benefit the user performing a Google search, businesses that are not compliant could have their site appear a lot lower on the search results list.

"Maybe they had really good rankings in the search engines with their key terms. And now suddenly if they don't have a mobile site, or a site that's mobile friendly, now they're not going to do so good on the phones. Means less business, less sales, less customers," said Pruitt.

So what exactly does it mean for a page to be mobile-friendly? The site needs to have a layout and text that's large enough so users don't have to zoom in. Links should also be easily clickable, including phone numbers for quick dialing.

If your site needs adjusting, Pruitt recommends finding a company that specializes in mobile web design. And for those on a budget, Steele recommends Word Press.

"It's a great way to at least get started, and get a mobile presence until you can either figure out how to brand it yourself. Or can afford to hire someone to do it for you," said Steele.

As of now, this will only affect searches on mobile phones. Tablets and desktop computer searches are not included with the Mobilegeddon transition. To see if your site is mobile friendly according to Google's standards check out this link:
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