Teacher learned she lost home and pets to fire during class

Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Teacher finds out fire destroyed her home during class
Here is how you can help a middle school teacher who not only lost her house, but also the pets she called her family.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A teacher from Pershing Middle School is left with almost nothing in her home after a fire tore through this morning.

Neala Fogarty said she was in the middle of a lesson with her seventh grade class when she got the text from her neighbor.

"She said your house is on fire," Fogarty recalled.

The teacher rushed home to find much of her home had been ravaged by flames.

Her family lost all five of her pets, including three cats and two dogs.

"I keep telling myself that it's all things. It doesn't matter. It's all things. I'm devastated by the loss of our pets. It's things like this you think can happen, but you don't expect it to," said Fogarty.

The minute the news hit her colleagues at Pershing Middle School, they took to Facebook, encouraging parents and teachers to support Mrs. Fogarty and her family.

The school will be accepting donations. They can be dropped off at the PTO office at Pershing Middle School.

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