Intimate videos stolen from T-Mobile customer: "I literally felt devastated"

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Thursday, October 14, 2021
T-Mobile customer reeling after intimate videos were stolen
A woman is levying accusations of negligence, deception and invasion of privacy against T-Mobile and a former store employee.

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- A woman is levying accusations of negligence, deception and invasion of privacy against the cellular phone provider T-Mobile and a former employee.

She said she went into a T-Mobile location to get an upgrade, only to find out a store employee sent himself private videos from her phone.

The recorded confrontation resulted in an apology, but the victim said it wasn't enough.

The woman, who asked ABC13 not to identify her, said she was grieving her grandfather's death and wanted to treat herself with a phone upgrade back in August.

She said she never would have known what happened if her Apple Watch hadn't alerted her. It showed her the messages that the employee is accused of sending from her phone to his own device.

Now he's under criminal investigation, and T-Mobile is facing legal action.

"I'm not sure if you sent yourself videos from my phone to your phone, but if you don't delete them now, I'm going to call your manager," the woman said she told the now-former employee.

The incident happened at a T-Mobile store inside the H-E-B on Spring Cypress Road.

"I literally felt devastated, like 'What just happened?' My emotions were everywhere," she said. "I was shocked more than anything."

The woman said the employee went into a hidden folder on her phone and sent himself two intimate, private videos.

During the confrontation that was recorded, she demanded that the employee delete the videos.

"Show me right now that you deleted them, or I will call your manager. That's creepy as (expletive)," she can be heard saying.

After that, the man apologized.

The woman has now filed a police report and retained an attorney.

"T-Mobile and the franchisee of the store should be held liable for negligent hiring and negligent supervision of this individual," said Jesse S. Corona, managing attorney at the Corona Law Firm.

T-Mobile sent ABC13 a statement about the incident.

"We take customer privacy seriously. We have connected with the dealer about this situation and have learned that the person involved is no longer employed," T-Mobile officials said.

The woman said beyond him losing his job, she wanted him held accountable, and for others to know their private information may not be as safe as they think.

"You don't know how long it's been happening, or who else he has done this to," she said.

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