Surveillance video shows man breaking into Catholic church in northeast Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Police are searching for the person responsible for breaking into a Catholic church.

Newly released surveillance video shows a man stealing items from the Saint Peter Claver Catholic Church on N. Wayside Drive.

The church was broken into three times over the weekend, and the priest is hoping the video will lead to the suspect's arrest.

"We caught a good sight of him throwing items over the fence first, and picking up the shopping cart and putting that over," said Father Kenneth Howard.

In total, six doors were damaged and several items were taken during the three-day crime spree.

According to Father Howard, the first break-in occurred on Saturday night when he heard noises outside of his window. Father Howard lives on church property.

"I heard a noise outside of my window like somebody was dragging something," he said.

He discovered the camera footage, which showed a man breaking into the church's shed and stealing things.

Over the next two nights, the thief, who is believed to be the same man, broke into the church's parish hall and kicked in doors as well as roamed the kitchen opening up the refrigerator.

All of this was captured on the church's security cameras, which the thief eventually damaged. Some of the footage was salvaged.

Father Howard is now concerned with how the church will pay for the damages.

"The church is not that well-off, financially. So, we thought we were getting ahead, but now we are behind again," Howard said.

Father Howard reported the incidents to the Houston Police Department, and the investigation into what happened is ongoing.

The church was also broken into in several times in 2018.

"Well, basically, I would say I am depressed because after going through a similar situation in May 2018, I wasn't expecting this to happen all over again," Father Howard said.

Anyone with information should contact the Houston Police Department.

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