Sugar Land police warn residents of scammers pretending to be from CenterPoint

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Thursday, June 23, 2022
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SUGAR LAND, Texas (KTRK) -- Sugar Land police are warning residents about scammers calling, pretending to be from CenterPoint, saying your utilities will be disconnected within 30 minutes if there's no payment.

"In case this isn't obvious, this is a scam," the police department shared on Facebook.

The department also shared the following tips for spotting utility scams:

1. DO NOT communicate or interact with suspicious phone calls, emails or text messages. Scammers can manipulate caller ID, but you can be sure you're truly speaking with your utility company by hanging up and calling the phone number on your bill.

2. Ask to see identification before allowing a utility worker near you or into your residence. You can always call your utility company and ask if an employee was authorized to visit your home.

3. Phone agents will NEVER personally request banking or credit card info over the phone.

4. Phone agents will NEVER ask for payment via:

  • Cash
  • Money wire transfers
  • Prepaid debit cards (Green Dot cards)
  • Gift cards (Amazon, etc.)
  • PayPal, Venmo, Square Pay or Apple Pay
  • Bitcoin

5. Utility companies will NOT disconnect your services without first:

  • Mailing you a bill, noting your account is now overdue.
  • If the balance remains unpaid, they will send some sort of disconnection notice, stating the approximate disconnection date and time.

While Sugar Land police are warning about the scam, other neighborhoods are experiencing the calls as well.