How to protest your property taxes

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Need to protest your taxes? You better act fast! You need to do so before the end of the month.

Tips on protesting your property taxes, Part 1

You are potentially going to save the most money if you protest in person at a hearing.

To do that you have to do your homework.

Tax Assessor-Collector Mike Sullivan admits protesting in person is not user friendly. Still he says you should protest.

If you do it yourself in person--here's what you need to be prepared to bring.

Get comparables of your neighborhood from your realtor. Find someone in your neighborhood with the same house. If their numbers are lower, now you have ammunition.

Bring photos and copies of comps, tax records and evidence of any work your home needs like a cracked foundation, roof damage, really anything undesirable about your house and your neighborhood.

And always be respectful!

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