Kelvin Sampson reads to children at Ripley House Neighborhood Center

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Kelvin Sampson is all about reading and wants others to feel the same. The University of Houston men's basketball coach spent some of Wednesday afternoon reading to children at the Ripley House Neighborhood Center.

With the World Cup currently in full swing in Russia, Sampson read a soccer book to the children. He asked them questions about the Cup and was impressed by their knowledge of the event.

Sampson has been reading to kids for over 30 years and has a saying he uses every time.

"Reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body," Sampson said. He said his favorite book growing up was White Fang and talked about the importance of reading on a daily basis to enhance the mind.

When talking to the children, Sampson told them the two things they can control in life is attitude and effort. He said it sets up students for success in the future and will always be a factor.

Sampson also said he would read to his children every night before they go to sleep. That is the reasoning behind the Cougars meeting at Sampson's house for a film session every night before a game. His children have key roles in the Cougars basketball program.

When asked on the off-season for the Rockets, Sampson mentioned the four All-Stars for the Golden State Warriors and gave his idea for the Rockets.

"There's a #23 that would look pretty good beside Chris and James," Sampson said.
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