How much money could the Astros players earn from going to the World Series?

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- World Series winners walk away from the game with a lot. At stake for the competing teams are ultimate bragging rights, a World Series ring and, of course, a huge payout.

At the end of the postseason, Major League Baseball doles out millions of dollars to the 10 teams who go the furthest including the World Series and league champions as well as runners-up. Dubbed the players' pool, that money comes from gate receipts from wild card, division series, league championship and World Series games.

In 2016, that players' pool totaled a record $76,627,827.09. The Chicago Cubs, who clinched their first championship in more than a century, took home $27,586,017.75 of that pool.

Each team decides individually how to divvy up their share of the players' pool. The Cubs issued 66 full shares -- each worth $368,871.59 -- and an additional 8.7 partial shares and four cash awards.

While that might be a drop in the bucket for players like Justin Verlander, Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran who pull in eight-figure salaries, it's a significant bonus for the players earning salaries in the low 500s.

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