Son shoots and kills home invasion suspect who terrorized family in SW Houston: Police

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A son shot and killed one of the home invasion suspects who terrorized his family in southwest Houston overnight, police say.

Authorities told ABC13 it all started when his father returned to their home on Quail Meadow Drive, where the three suspects hid in the bushes waiting for him to get back.

That's when they pistol-whipped him and forced him to open the door.

While the suspects ransacked the home, the family's two daughters, who ended up hiding in a closet, pushed the panic alarm inside their home.

The suspects forced the father to try to disable the alarm, but he couldn't because his daughters continued to push it.

That's when the intruders realized more people were home. They eventually found the daughters, one of whom is 20 years old. The other is 15 years old.

During the home invasion, the son and mother arrived home at the same time but in separate vehicles.

The son noticed something was wrong, went inside the house and grabbed his pistol, shooting at the suspects as they left, officials say.

One suspect, who also had a pistol, was shot in the head.

A neighbor ran over to the house after hearing the shots and tried to help the injured suspect.

"I just tried to do CPR on the gentleman who was laying on the ground," Aryeh Ohayon said.

The suspect was taken to the hospital, where he died. Police don't believe any of the suspects fired back at the son.

Meanwhile, the other two suspects jumped on the hood of the mother's car while she and another juvenile were inside of it.

She was able to drive off and get help from a police officer at a nearby Whataburger.

Detectives say the remaining two suspects got away in the father's silver Toyota Sienna minivan with Texas license plate DGL-3948.

If you see the vehicle, call police.

No other family members were injured.

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