Traditional cooking experience at George Ranch Historical Park

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
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Visitors don't just get a glimpse of history you get to experience life the way it used to be on a Traditional Texas Ranch.

RICHMOND, TX -- We have a preview of some mouth-watering cowboy cooking you can experience in person at the upcoming Texian days in Richmond.

Rick Castleberg went to culinary school and served in the navy before he started working at the George Ranch Historical park. He is now cooking up food just like cooks did for cowboys in the old west. He gave us a taste of a traditional cowboy breakfast.

"Came across this place gosh 15 something years ago now and came out and I interviwed for the chuckwagon position and I ain't never left," said ranch cook Nick Castelberg.

You can experience life on the ranch Saturday, October 24th during Texian Market Days at George Ranch Historical Park.