Tow truck driver nearly killed by out-of-control SUV on Christmas Day

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Look at this incredible close-call on an Anchorage, Alaska highway.

A tow truck driver is on the ground, checking on a disabled car when a passing SUV nearly kills him on Christmas Day.

A police dashcam captured the moment the swerving vehicle passed dangerously close to the tow truck driver as he inspected a disabled car on snowy Seward Highway.

The Anchorage Police Department shared the video on their Facebook page. Some of the comments on the post mentioned that the passing vehicle looked as if it were intentionally "drifting" - referring to a driving technique where a driver purposefully oversteers on a turn, still maintaining control over their vehicle.

An officer warned in the comments on the post, "had any tiny variable been slightly different in these three seconds -- this could have been a tragic day."

Thankfully, no one was hurt.
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