Shana Fisher - Student victim of Santa Fe HS shooting

SANTA FE, Texas (KTRK) -- Shana Fisher had just turned 16 earlier this month. She was shy and sweet. Her mother says she loved flowers, cats, and her dog Kallie. She started her own YouTube channel to display her art work.

Her mother believes her daughter was intentionally targeted by the suspect. Sadie Rodriguez said Dimitrios Pagourtzis repeatedly made advances toward Fisher for months leading up to the shooting.

Pagourtzis was an ex-boyfriend of Fisher's best friend. Rodriguez said the week before the shooting, Fisher stood up to him by embarrassing him in class.

The day of the shooting, Rodriguez wrote on Facebook, "love like (you're) getting one more day with them. Anything can happen. I will no longer get to see my baby my 1st born anymore."

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