Countdown to Easter: 7 fun DIY crafts and treats

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Saturday, April 15, 2017
Easter DIY

Easter will be here before you know it, so it's time to make plans for how you'll celebrate.

Whether you are throwing a Sunday brunch, an Easter egg hunt, or family dinner, we've got seven awesome DIY crafts and delicious dishes to make your Easter bright.

Easter Crafts You Can Make at Home

Gather the kids for Easter egg decorating

Patricia Lopez and her three girls tested kits to see which one you should spend your money on

It's a huge tradition for many families each spring: Easter eggs bring adults and kids together for a chance to show their creative side. Consumer reporter Patricia Lopez and her kids put popular Easter egg dye kits to the test, and found a few ways to have fun for just a few bucks.

For some unique Easter egg decorating ideas, check out Patricia's how-to video here:

Easter's less than a week away, but before spending money on products, check out these great DIY ideas
Natural Easter egg dyes

Parents and families who want to avoid certain chemicals might be surprised to learn you can even make natural Easter egg dyes at home.

Create your own Easter baskets with dollar store deals

Patricia Lopez has the latest on creating your Easter baskets this year.

You could opt to pay some big bucks for Easter baskets, or you can use Patricia's expert advice to create your own at a fraction of the cost! In some cases, a basket that would have cost $19.99 or more can be created for as little as $7 to $9 with these tips.

Make an adorable clay pot Easter Bunny and chicks

This cute Easter bunny & chick are an easy DIY that even the kiddos can create.
KTRK Photo/ Kat Cosley

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This DIY craft is fun for adults and little ones to make, and they make a cute way to welcome guests at the front door of your home! All you need are a few clay pots in various sizes, some Deco Art paint and a few other items that you may have around your home. Click for instructions

Easter Eats Everyone Will Love

If you are having guests over, think green and think spring when planning your menus! We've got a handful of delicious recipes we know will delight your guests. Check 'em out:

Perfect Easter egg salad recipe

Learn how to make egg salad from Dacapos.

Cozy up with this mixed greens quiche

As the temperature plummets, cozy up with a piping hot slice of breakfast quiche from Canopy.

Patricia Lopez's favorite spinach and artichoke dip

Heavenly 10-minute banana pudding recipe

This banana pudding recipe is as delicious as it is easy to make!
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