That $100 Kohl's coupon floating around social media sites is a scam

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Sunday, November 24, 2019
Kohl's coupon is fake
Yet another coupon offer going around on social media isn't real.

Many retailers are offering discounts for customers just in time for the holidays, but officials are warning consumers not to fall for fake offers.

A fake Kohl's coupon is making the rounds on social media sites, like Facebook, promising costumers $100 off everything in the store in celebration of their 57th anniversary, according to

The deal is a ploy to send people to a fraudulent website that prompts users to fill out a survey with personal information to receive the coupon.

$75 Costco coupon circulating on Facebook is a scam, company says

The Better Business Bureau reminds consumers that companies with legitimate discount offers will never ask for credit card numbers or banking information in exchange for the reward.