Houston creators of Milkify pitch their breastmilk freeze-drying business on ABC's Shark Tank

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Saturday, April 8, 2023
Houston couple pitches their breastmilk business on ABC's Shark Tank
After discovering a way to help busy moms better feed their babies, a Houston couple determined they wanted to take their idea to the sharks!

Dr. Berkley Luck and her husband, Pedro Silva, went on an opportunity of a lifetime. It was nerve-wracking, but a huge deal for their small local company.

"We practiced relentlessly," said Dr. Berkley Luck, Milkify founder and CEO.

"For months, every evening at our house it was Shark Tank and chill," said Pedro Silva, founder and CEO of Milkify.

The Houston couple took their idea to Shark Tank hoping to land a deal with one of the sharks. They founded the company, Milkify, in 2018 in their spare bedroom.

"The idea for Milkify really came from a colleague. She came back from maternity leave and was really struggling with pumping and storing her milk," said Dr. Luck.

As a research scientist, a light bulb went off in Dr. Luck's head soon after that.

"Using my background and my skill set, I came up with a new way to freeze-dry breast milk so it does not contact any equipment or utensils in the entire process," she said.

"Honestly I thought this is one of the craziest ideas I've ever heard of," said Silva. "There must be something here."

They started with a few friends and family and then it took off.

"In 2021 we started offering nationwide shipping. We offered moms across the U.S. their ability to get their milk to us and that's when the business started to take off," said Dr. Luck.

Their business is getting quite successful and it continues to grow -- so much so that there's even a waitlist. Some of their customers told them it was time for Shark Tank.

"I looked to Berkley -- maybe we should go on Shark Tank. You think we can do this? Yeah," said Pedro.

Their segment airs Friday night at 7 p.m. on ABC13. You can also watch it on HULU.

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