Humble residents wake up to downed trees and powerlines after tornado touched down

ByPatrina Adger KTRK logo
Sunday, January 9, 2022
ABC13's Patrina Adger surveys storm damage in Humble neighborhood
SEE STORM DAMAGE: From a shredded metal roof to insulation and debris in the trees, ABC13's Patrina Adger surveyed possible tornado damage in a Humble neighborhood.

HUMBLE, Texas (KTRK) -- Powerful storms barreled through southeast Texas overnight, bringing flash floods and tornadoes to some communities.

One of the hardest hit communities was the Humble area, where a tornado caused extensive damage.

Some of the worst damage ABC13 crews found was in a neighborhood off South Avenue F.

Video from the scene shows the entire metal roof of a business crashed into the road, with the business left in shambles nearby.

You can see footage of the storm damage in the video player above.

The roof of Infinity Fitness downed powerlines before resting in the roadway. It landed diagonally, hitting a couple of homes.

Video also shows other debris across the neighborhood, including insulation, wood, tree limbs and a misplaced air conditioning unit.

"Sounded like a freight train hitting a brick wall": In a neighborhood off South Avenue F, the entire metal roof of a business flew off and crashed into nearby homes.

A neighbor told ABC13 the metal roof barely missed the bedroom where he was sleeping.

"It was a massive sound. They always say, 'It sounds like a freight train,' and you're like, 'Yeah, sure.' That sounded like a freight train hitting a brick wall," Robert Andrews recalled.

ABC13 also spoke to the homeowner of one of the houses hit by the roof, who said his home sustained significant damage.

"I had been asleep until it hit. It just took it out. It messed up the other side there. It's got holes in the roof upstairs. And the wall, took out part of the concrete. Middle bedroom upstairs, got the top out of it," homeowner Mike Carr said. "Other than that, great shape. Nobody got hurt. That's the good thing."