No, the 'Selfie Shoe' isn't real (but we wish it was)

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Miz Mooz's selfie shoes
Miz Mooz's selfie shoes may just be an April Fool's joke, but we wouldn't be surprised if someone really made them one day
YouTube / Miz Mooz

This might be our favorite piece of April Fool's fashion: A pair of shoes that promises to solve all of your picture-taking problems.

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The "selfie shoe" by Miz Mooz has an open square toe which serves as a dock for your smartphone. You slip your phone in the hole at the bottom of your shoe then raise your leg to get the perfect angle and take your selfie.

"No matter where you go, you'll always be camera-ready," the product description reads. "With the Selfie Shoes, you no longer have to use your arm, so now both hands are free to be in the photo."

While Miz Mooz is a real shoe company, turns out these shoes are just an April Fool's joke, USA Today confirms. If they were real, the paper says they'd likely carry a pricetag of $199.

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