Houston radio station playing Selena music non-stop

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Saturday, December 19, 2020
Houston radio station playing non-stop Selena music
Hear how one radio station is planning to play all of Selena's music, including some of her interviews on their station.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Have you heard?

There's now a radio station in Houston that's devoted solely to playing Selena Quintanilla's songs.

The station, 105.3FM, is now playing all of Selena's music, including all of the music from her younger years, to her popular hits, to her English songs that she was able to record before she was killed.

ABC13 anchor Mayra Moreno spoke to one of the owners of the radio station, and they told her that they actually planned to do this back in March, but the pandemic held them back.

Now, they say it's a coincidence they were able to launch the same month as the Netflix special dropped, which is now number 1 on the streaming platform.

Karen Sarah said they have received so much love, and are excited to bring out some of her older music and radio interviews, too.

"I think some people really actually are hearing (some of her songs) for the first time," said one of the owners of 105.3FM. "It's beautiful to re-live Selena again. It's like a beautiful flower just bloomed right now."

Sarah said they spoke with the Quintanilla family, and they were so excited. In fact, Selena's sister Suzette praised the radio station in her Instagram stories recently saying "how cool it was to have a radio station devoted to their music."

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