Naked man caught floating down the San Jacinto River

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A naked man floating down the San Jacinto River created a scary situation Saturday afternoon in Houston. Good Samaritans helped rescue the man after he became caught up in debris and the current.

The Houston Fire Department responded to the area near Forest Cove and Lakeshore Drive around 3:30pm.

Sharon Hambrick was at her home near the banks of the river and heard someone suddenly crying for help.

"For 20 minutes I was out there talking to him," she said.

The man was stuck in the trees behind a nearby boat house.

"You can't get back there unless you have a canoe or something," Hambrick said.

Hambrick got the attention of Denise Flores who happened to near in a kayak.

"I just paddled over to the guy," said Flores.

Flores says she had to paddle through some thick brush but she found the man up in a tree: naked, cold, exhausted and scared.

"I said if you want help you're gonna have to jump out of that tree. Get in the boat and I'll take you back," she said.

After he got inside the kayak, she pulled him to a rescue boat nearby.

The two women were able to help a complete stranger but neither feel like a hero.

"No I really don't. He is a human being," Flores added.

The man was rushed to an area hospital. His condition is unknown. It's also unclear how he ended up in the river in the first place.
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