La Porte chemical release leaves residents worried: 'They're going to push everyone out of here'

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Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Residents fear La Porte chemical leak will 'push everyone out'
"The plants are right across from our house," said a La Porte resident. "It's really terrifying to hear something like that."

LA PORTE, Texas (KTRK) -- The chemical leak at LyondellBasell has people living near the plant worried and concerned about their safety.

Neighbors know what comes with living near a plant or a refinery, but that doesn't make them feel any better.

"This place is pretty much not going to be safe in the future with all these chemical spills and everything going on," said resident Chase Julian. "This is what? The third or fourth one in the last two years? It's getting bad."

News of the 100,000-pound acidic acid leak spread quickly on Wednesday. Two contractors were killed and dozens were taken to the hospital.

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Decontamination got underway at the LyondellBasell facility where two people died and 30 more were hospitalized.

"The plants are right across from our house," said La Porte resident Sergio Olvara. "It's really terrifying to hear something like that."

Meanwhile, residents like Cynthia Chavarria says she didn't get a heads up about the incident, which bothers her.

"[It's] scary," she said. "We didn't hear anything about it. The city didn't send any messages or anything."

This isn't the first incident involving a nearby plant.

Last week, neighbors had streets blocked off and a brief shelter-in-place was issued along with an evacuation order when Dow Chemical leaked hydroxyethyl acrylate.

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According to Harris County Pollution Control, the leak at LyondellBasell didn't cause any impacts to the air quality in the area.

Still, some residents say they've had enough.

"They're going to push everyone out of here," Julian. "They're trying to make it all seem normal and stuff."

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