Is it time for occupancy citations to be issued in Texas? Here's Gov. Abbott's response

Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Gov. Abbott addresses occupancy citations for violators
That's one of the many questions ABC13's Ted Oberg asked Gov. Greg Abbott in a one-on-one interview. Plus, his response to the viral photos of crowded Houston bars.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Is it time for law enforcement officials in Texas to begin issuing citations if businesses are not complying with the state's occupancy order?

That's one of the many questions ABC13's Ted Oberg asked Gov. Greg Abbott in a one-on-one interview on Tuesday.

Earlier today, Abbott issued a proclamation expanding additional services and activities that can open under Phase II of the plan.

Under this proclamation, water parks, recreational sport programs for adults, driver education programs, and food-court dining areas inside shopping malls can open with limited occupancy.

In addition, this weekend marked the official reopening of bars, which sparked controversy surrounding capacity rules after videos and photos surfaced on social media showing people partying in crowded bars, waiting in long lines and failing to wear a mask or practice safe social distancing.

Abbott confirmed seeing the videos and photos, but shifted his focus to the state's progress in its COVID-19 recovery efforts.

"Over the weekend, we had the lowest number of deaths that we've had since the end of March," said Abbott. "We had the lowest hospitalization rate that we've had since the middle part of April. So, the fact of the matter is the numbers are looking good. That said, we do all have to continue the process of making sure we contain the spread of COVID-19, and the way we do that are these safe distancing practices, which include good sanitation practices."



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