Family wants Public Works to pay after raw sewage flows through house

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Raw sewage spews through family's home
A Houston family is upset after raw sewage backed up into their home.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A southeast Houston family was stuck with a smelly situation after raw sewage backed up into their home.

The family says it started after Houston Public Works crews were working outside the house on Arvana Street.

The house is an absolute mess. The toilets overflowed, creating huge problems for the family that lives there.

"Just any other day. Going on about your day, you hear some strange noises, you check it out, you go in your restroom, your restroom looks like a fountain and not the pretty kind," said homeowner Peter Phan.

They say when the sewage started spilling into the home, they immediately went outside and told the crew to stop working on the lines.

"You come home, you hear some weird gurgling sounds, the next thing you know you look back and your whole house is full of water or sewage," said Phan.

According to city officials, the sewage problem impacted two homes. The other home only got sewage in their backyard, not inside the house.

The city of Public Works told Eyewitness News the crews were clearing a blockage from a sanitary sewer line when the blockage caused a pressure build up in the line.

City crews were out all day working to clear the backed up pipes.

The city has assisted the Phan family with hotel accommodations. They say they will have to throw out their furniture.

"Maybe I'll salvage some important things to me and then I guess I'll let them take everything else away," Phan said.

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