Tools to help you compare prices while shopping

HOUSTON -- It's no secret that comparing prices can save you money, as much as 20 percent or more, according to experts. We found some of the most helpful tools out there to for shoppers hoping to find the best deals while shopping for school supplies.

Price Blink

If you are online shopping at home, add Price Blink to your desktop browser. While you're shopping, it will search about 11,000 different retailers to find a lower price, so it saves you from having to open a new tab.

It also helps find coupons and promo codes to slash the price of whatever you're purchasing.

"If there's a 20 percent off coupon at Kohl's, it's going to let you know that as soon as you start shopping," said Price Blink founder Karl Quist.

Red Laser

If you're in the store and see something you'd like to buy, use the Red Laser mobile app to scan the barcode and it will tell you which retailer currently has it at the lowest price.

Buy or Not

Wondering if an item is worth the money? Scan the barcode and Buy or Not will quickly find online ratings.

"You can get the best deal, but if it's not the right product for you it's not a good deal," said Quist.

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Quist also suggests doing as much of your research as you can before you head to the store.

"If you get a store and find out the price isn't right, you might end up driving across town to find the better deal," Quist said.

Also, keep in mind that many retailers offer a low price guarantee, so it is important to save your receipts.
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