What you should expect with Potential Tropical Storm One this week

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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
What you should expect with Potential Tropical Storm One this week
Potential Tropical Storm One in the Gulf could turn into Alberto. Flooding concerns are prompting Weather Alert Days on Tuesday and Wednesday.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The first named tropical system of the year could develop this week and impact the Texas coast, including Houston and southeast Texas.

While landfall from this potential tropical storm is not a concern as of Monday evening, this system will send waves of torrential rains to the region, potentially leading to prolonged street flooding for many.

This is the first kind of tropical-like impact southeast Texas has seen in years. ABC13 Meteorologist Elyse Smith on Monday broke down what to expect this week and whether it veers from the norm.

This time last June, Houston was amid an early summer heat wave that would eventually become part of the record hot and dry summer, so this week's weather couldn't be more different, and it's not out of the blue either.

A critical piece of information is that El Niño is officially over, which can lead to more favorable conditions for tropical storms and hurricanes to develop. Specifically in June, we typically see that development in the Bay of Campeche near Mexico and the Western Caribbean. So, potential activity in this region in mid-June is not uncommon.

That said, as of Monday evening, there is Potential Tropical Storm One in this area that could become Alberto, the first named storm of the season, later this week.

Smith also spoke to Dan Reilly with the National Weather Service in Houston/Galveston to see how they prepare for this event.

Reilly mentioned that with the season's forecast to be one of the most active on record, he's not surprised to see some development early in the season. And with this particular weather pattern, he is concerned with the potential for some heavier bands of rain that could move in this week.

"There are ingredients there for a band of very heavy rain, and you know it's unclear exactly where that's going to set up. Most likely south of Houston, down the coast, but you know, we have to be wary of heavier bands, and where they set up that's always a little uncertain in these situations," Reilly said.

Street flooding is the primary concern with this heavy rain and weather pattern, meaning Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning commutes could be heavily impacted by flooded roads, road closures, and severe delays, depending on the extent of the rainwater. The best advice is to avoid being out on the roads during that timeframe if you can.

Tuesday and Wednesday are ABC13 Weather Alert Days, which have the potential for street flooding across southeast Texas, coastal flooding, strong rip currents, and high tides along the coast.

Flood and Tropical Storm Watches were issued for portions of southeast Texas, and more information can be found on ABC13's weather page.

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