New Jersey 'pooperintendent' accused of public defecation pleads guilty

HOLMDEL, Monmouth County -- A former New Jersey school superintendent has admitted that he defecated in a public area while running at another high school's track and field complex.

Authorities had accused Thomas Tramaglini of repeatedly defecating on the track at Holmdel High School. However, at a municipal court hearing Wednesday, he only admitted to defecating under the high school's bleachers on one occasion.

Tramaglini will have to pay a $500 fine and court costs.

His attorney, Matthew Adams, said his client suffers from a medical condition that affects his bowel movements when he runs and that the one incident was an emergency situation.

Adams also disputed police accounts that Tramaglini had defecated at the track on a daily basis.

Tramaglini was the superintendent of the Kenilworth school district before he was charged in April.

He eventually resigned after reaching a separation agreement with the district.
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