Stretch Your Dollar: Creative pool noodle hacks you never knew about

Pool noodles aren't just for the pool! Eyewitness News reporter Chelsea Hernandez found some other ways these toys could be useful.


Have a trampoline? Cut a pool noodle into short sections and slice it lengthwise and slide over the springs to protect your kids from getting pinched on the springs.

Door Bumper
Use it as a door bumper. Cut a small piece and slip it onto the edge of a door. You can also do this for a cupboard or gate. No more knicking up your walls!

Putting a piece of a pool noodle on a hanger can also prevent your clothes from getting creases.

Rodeo Boots
Keep your boots rodeo-ready by using a pool noodle to keep them upright. No more floppy ankles!

Fishing Rods
And for anyone who likes to fish, these water toys can make for an easy fishing rod organizer. You can use a piece of PVC pipe on the bottom and the pool noodle on top, make slits in it, put your rods in and no more tangled fishing rods.
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