Ted Cruz vs Beto O'Rourke race divides neighborhood

LEAGUE CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- This year's elections have shown that suburban areas that have a growing diversity, also come with growing political differences. Differences that can sometimes divide neighbors.

League City is an example of a suburban area with a growing diversity.

"I'm looking for Beto to win, unseating Ted Cruz. I'm looking for the Democrats to win House," said Kat Clemons.
Clemons and her neighbor, Henry Galvan, may share the same League City view, but they don't share the same political views.

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"I believe in Ted Cruz and I'm voting for Ted Cruz," Galvan said.

Jay Aiyer and Dr. Brandon Rottinghaus are both professors who study national and Texas politics.

They say as the suburbs of Houston become more diverse, and so do the politics.

"In those suburban areas you're really seeing kind of two-party areas where you've got a lot of split neighborhoods," said Aiyer.

"This is really kind of the new politics of Texas, where suburban Texas is no longer as red as it once was so," Rottinghaus said.

As the area becomes more diverse, residents like Galvan may soon have more liberal neighbors but he is confident that they will all get along.

"Oh yeah, really the neighbors will do the neighborly thing," Galvan said.


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