Police officer takes first steps after accident

Saturday, February 21, 2015
Officer takes first steps since wreck
Officer takes first steps since wreck

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Talk about an amazing recovery. A police officer, who was told he would never walk after an accident, took his first steps at a Houston hospital Friday.

Officer Jeremy Romero was told that he may never walk again but today he proved them all wrong.

It was a year ago, January, that the fit 33-year-old officer was racing down a New Mexico street at nearly 100 miles per hour. He was chasing a driver in a stolen vehicle and then his patrol car rolled several times.

His car smashed and his body was broken in dozens of places, including a spinal cord injury.

After being hospitalized for months, his prognosis of walking again was not good. He was then brought to TIRR Memorial Herman Rehabilitation Center.

"If you tell me I'm not going to do something, I'm going to work twice as hard to prove you wrong," said Romero.

Today he did just that, with the help of robotics, dedicating each step to those who made this day possible.

"This one is for Ryan, that's for Tom, that's for Tesa," Romero said after each step.

It hasn't been easy, with months of hard work, enough to make a tough guy break.

Romero is the perfect candidate for this revolutionary robotic.

"Jeremy wants to, he has this motivation that he wants to be the first Robocop to have the device," said Andy McCord of Walk Robotics.

"The real Robocop," Romero said. "I'm already looking at ways to mount mu gun."

There still is a lot of fight left in Romero; he's just getting started. Soon, he said he'll be running.

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