Suspect charged in Friday's police chase

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Saturday, August 13, 2016
Man arrested after hour-long chase in north Houston
A man was arrested after leading police on an hour-long high-speed chase throughout northern Houston.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A high speed police chase across Houston came to a crashing halt Friday afternoon. After a stand off, armed officers pulled the suspect from his vehicle.

Police have charged 26-year-old, Mark Ryan Williams with felony evading, possession of controlled substance and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

VIDEO: Police chase suspect through the city of Houston

High speed chase ends in crash

Williams allegedy slammed into the vehicle of Alfonso Mendez on the feeder road for the Eastex Freeway at Aldine Mail Route. Children were in the car that was struck. It's not yet known the extent of any injuries.

"We were coming from Katy and I was coming back to eat at this new restaurant," Mendez said. "We were headed to my parents house and that's when the truck came flying at us."

Mendez says he saw glass everywhere.

"I just saw all the glass flying and I saw all the cops coming with guns so we ran out of the truck and ran down their (pointing towards underpass) to hide over there," he added.

VIDEO: Crash victim describes what happened during the chase

Witness describes the moment police pulled chase suspect out of the car
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The hour-long chase covered the Hardy Toll Road and Grand Parkway, along with other main roads. The truck was traveling only on rims for the front two tires for much of the pursuit, and left the roadway at times.

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