Suspects jump from freeway wall in effort to elude police

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A high speed police chase came to a dramatic end when two suspects tried to make a run for it, even jumping from Beltway 8.

It all started when Pearland police got a call of a suspicious person, knocking on doors at a neighborhood, and when they checked it out, the chase began.

Several suspects in a minivan led police from multiple agencies on a high speed chase for close to half an hour. When they reached southwest Houston, the vehicle pulled over on Beltway 8 near W. Airport. At that point two males climbed from the back of the van and jumped over a retaining wall onto a grassy area about 20 feet below.

They didn't appear injured from the fall, and took off on foot.

The suspects dashed across the road and ran to the Crown Mark distribution center and reportedly tried to get in, but a surprised security guard turned them away.

"I was kind of startled," said security officer Ricky Anderson. "We get people all day in and out of the building. The way these guys came into the building like they was on...looking for something to do, that was made what made me react the way I reacted."

When they rounded the corner, police took the suspects down.

When our crew arrived, we saw one of the suspects in the back of a squad car, but the other was on the ground unconscious. He was handcuffed and taken by ambulance from the scene.

Police recovered a large screen TV and several purses from the suspects' vehicle.
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