Slithering surprise: Snake appears on man's windshield while driving

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona (KTRK) -- An Arizona man got quite the slithering surprise while he was driving.

Layrd Mahler said he saw a head pop out from under the hood when he was driving last week.

"After that, I see the body of a snake go up the windshield," Mahler said. "It wasn't a sense of panic it was just, this is really coming out of my car. It's something you see on TV, so to speak."

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Mahler turned on his windshield wipers in an attempt to get the snake off his car, but it went back under the hood. So Mahler had to pull over.

"Now I'm debating, 'do I get back in the car?' I don't know if it's going to go through the vent system because they can do that or do I man up and drive home? That's what I did," Mahler said.

As for the snake, where did it go?

"I've basically sort of given myself a pep talk everyday to say 'be prepared if something pops out.' That's the best I can do I think," Mahler said.

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