EMU ON THE RUN! Officials searching for escaped large bird

Tuesday, August 6, 2019
Authorities searching for on-the-run Emu

ORANGE COUNTY, North Carolina -- An escaped large bird that has been successfully evading capture for almost two months gives new meaning to the term "flight risk."

Authorities made a hilarious mug shot of the large bird, dubbed "Eno."

Eno has been on the loose for at least five weeks.

There have been sightings in at least two counties, but no one's been able to capture it.

One eyewitness reported spotting the emu just moments before it jumped on their car.

Officials say Eno is docile, but they're warning residents to keep their distance.

"Do not attempt to chase him, capture him, handle him," explained officials. "If you corner him or make him feel defensive, he could be dangerous."