Pearland woman believes iPhone function saved her life during an attack

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Woman credits iPhone function for saving her life during attack
She scared off her attacker but no arrests have been made. Now, police are investigating the case in hopes that no one feels the way this woman did.

PEARLAND, Texas (KTRK) -- A college student believes a phone safety feature may have saved her life after she was attacked while walking in a Pearland neighborhood.

The college student still has reminders of how dangerous a walk with the dog nearly got.

"I was screaming, and he came up behind me and put his hand over my mouth and pushed me on the ground," Jenna Zieber recalled. "He was telling me things like, 'I'm just trying to help you. They're coming after you.'"

Zieber said last Wednesday night on Morgan Street near Magnolia Parkway, the man didn't want to help. Instead, he attacked her. The man took off after she called 911 by using the "SOS" function on her phone.

"It'll come on right there, after you press it for two seconds," Zieber explained. "Then you just slide 'SOS' over."

IPhone users press the lock, and volume button at the same time to enable the "SOS" function. For Android users, it can be different based on your phone.

Check your settings, and look for an emergency section. For Samsung users, three side key clicks will send an emergency notice.

"I am so proud of her," Zieber's mom, Traci said. "So proud of her for having the wit and wherewithal to get 911 on the phone."

Zieber was able to reach police, but nearly a week later, no one's been arrested. Officers said they're investigating the incident, which is an attack that has others wondering what they should do.

"That's a good question, that more people need to ask, actually," neighbor Alexis Harris said. "More people need to ask that question. People think about what they need to actually do."

Zieber said she felt something was wrong minutes before the attack after the suspect followed her. Officers say if something doesn't feel right, you should call police immediately. This way, if something happens, they're on their way.

"I'll probably only go during the day, and with someone," Zieber said.

It's a feeling they don't want others to experience, which is why they're warning others before heading out the door for a walk.