'Pawn Stars' tours country in search of cool collectibles in 'Pawn Stars Do America'

Season two of 'Pawn Stars Do America' travels to 16 cities in search of the most unique objects fans have to offer.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2023
'Pawn Stars' star tours country in search of cool collectibles
'Pawn Stars' star Rick Harrison tours the country in search of funky finds and eclectic oddities in 'Pawn Stars Do America.'

LOS ANGELES -- The guys from "Pawn Stars" are hitting the road once again for a new season of "Pawn Stars Do America."

Rick Harrison, owner of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, along with his son Corey and friend Austin "Chumlee" Russell travel to Dallas, Detroit, Tampa, Louisville, Boston, Phoenix and more in search of the coolest collectibles and unique treasures.

"We did 16 different cities," Harrison told On The Red Carpet. "And it's been an absolute blast."

The season's premiere episode takes place in Dallas and features a football icon: Dallas Cowboys running back and Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith!

"Some people brought us some Emmitt Smith signed stuff and I'm like 'I got an expert!,' Harrison said. "I got the whole thing set up where Emmitt Smith could be my expert on Pawn Stars."

Harrison called on his regular experts to authenticate other valuables, including a vintage Star Trek pinball machine, some historical artifacts, an extremely rare rifle and a 1968 Buick Riviera!

"I never know what I'm gonna see," Harrison said.

And that is part of the allure.

"I have the funnest job in the world, I really, really do. I can't imagine a better job."

Harrison has seen a lot since "Pawn Stars" premiered back in 2009. And he says he still gets a kick out of seeing what wild and interesting items are out there.

"Bring me interesting, weird stuff and I'll nerd out on it," Harrison said.

"Pawn Stars Do America" airs Wednesdays on The History Channel.

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