New concerns over 'open carry' gun law in Texas

ByCourtney Fischer KTRK logo
Wednesday, December 16, 2015

FORT BEND COUNTY, TX (KTRK) -- In just over two weeks, the open carry gun law in the Texas will change.

On January 1, licensed gun owners will be able to openly carry their weapon as long as it's in a holster under an arm or on a hip.

Since the announcement, sheriff's offices in several counties have hosted question and answer sessions to help people better understand what the new law will mean for them.

The latest meeting, in Fort Bend County on Wednesday morning. Sheriff Troy Nehl along with District Attorney John Healey Jr., answered dozens of questions from business owners. Many of those questions regarding the proper signage at business entrances if you want to refuse open carry.

Jonathan Kelley, a coordinator from River Pointe Church, was in the audience hoping for clarification.

"People get nervous around guns that they can see and we don't want people to feel nervous in our church," said Kelley.

River Pointe Church has nearly 50 entrances. If they don't want people coming in with their guns visible, the sheriff recommended the church display a sign at every door.

There is a sign saying no to open carry, and another one with different language that says no to concealed carry. The font must be one inch tall and it must be written in English and Spanish.

"The rules on the signage seem big and excessive and we don't want all of our beautiful windows in our church to be covered with font about gun laws," Kelley said.

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