Only on 13: Houston man confused after fiber lines were unknowingly installed in backyard

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Saturday, May 27, 2023
Fiber lines in your yard: What can you do about it?
When crews showed up to install fiber lines through part of his property, Clarence Davis didn't know what was going on, so he contacted ABC13.

THE WOODLANDS, Texs (KTRK) -- How would you like construction crews to show up at your house and install fiber lines on your property? That's what happened to Clarence Davis, who contacted ABC13.

"Came out here two days ago, found this huge wire coming out of our backyard," Davis said, who lives in Oak Ridge North.

"I got a knock on the door, ringing the doorbell. 'Sir, can we do what we do?' I said, 'Sure, go ahead,' and then discovered that we would get a cable box in our backyard. Contacted our HOA. Is this legal?"

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In Texas, utility and telecommunications companies can erect lines and poles in utility easements.

It's a way to give companies access to private property so crews can run straight lines through neighborhoods instead of going around homes.

The fiber lines in Davis' yard are from Comcast, which is expanding its network in the Oak Ridge North area and in Kingwood, Pinehurst, Prairie View, Waller, New Caney, and Conroe.

"I don't appreciate buying a piece of property and then being told that I have to let these people come onto my property at any time," Davis said.

Davis says he has little recourse. "So there the line is, and I'm still exploring the options."

Davis was nervous that the fiber lines could electrocute him, but Comcast representatives tell ABC13 there's nothing to worry about with cable or fiber lines: they carry no electricity.

Workers will be coming back out to finish work in his yard.

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