William Reece booked into Oklahoma jail on murder, kidnapping charges

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- William Reece, the man who led authorities to the remains of two women in our area, was transferred to Oklahoma to face murder and kidnapping charges. He's being held without bond.

Reece went before a district judge in Galveston earlier this month, at which time he signed a prisoner's agreement for temporary transfer to Oklahoma.

Reese left the Friendswood City Jail at around 5:45am today and was turned over to Oklahoma authorities in Denton at around noon. Tonight, he was booked into a jail in Oklahoma and a new mug shot was released.

Oklahoma officials have filed first-degree murder charges and kidnapping charges in the case of Tiffany Johnson.

Tomorrow marks the 19-year anniversary of Johnston's murder. It's taken that long for her mother to get justice.

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"It's a huge relief for me and Tiffany's sister and Tiffany's brother," said Kathy Dobry.

Reece was linked to Johnston's murder in Oklahoma almost one year but before any trial started he went to Texas to tell authorities where the remains of Jessica Cain and Kelli Ann cox were located.

"We were very worried that he would never make it back to Oklahoma to answer for what he did to Tiffany because of all the delay," said Dobry.

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Now he's back and will face and jury and judge for a crime that's almost two decades old..

After that, the Galveston County Assistant District Attorney says Reece will face charges in Texas for the murders of Jessica Cain and Laura Smithers.

Reece has also been tied to the Kelli Ann Cox case out of Denton, Texas.

Reece has been in custody in Galveston County for months after agreeing to lead authorities to the bodies of missing women. He has not yet been charged but has been long suspected in the deaths of Jessica Cain, Laura Smither and Kelli Ann Cox. Smither was found dead shortly after she disappeared, but Cain and Cox both vanished without a trace nearly two decades ago. Both victims' bodies were recovered from Houston area fields in March.

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