Man falls asleep in movie, gets trapped in theater

OREGON -- A man who got trapped in a movie theater wound up having to call 911 for help.

Just Haworth says he went to see "Rogue One" Friday night, but fell asleep early on.

When he woke up, the lights were out and he was alone.

Like, completely alone.

He even went out into the lobby and shouted, but that didn't matter because of the alone-ness.

"I wake up, the theater's completely dark. I can't see nothing. I can see the screen and maybe my hand in front of my face if I waved it. I just called 911 at that point. No other option and I ended up getting a hold of them and I told them, it's not an emergency, I'm stuck in the movie theater here in Cornelius," Haworth said.

Haworth said he went to a bar before the movie and admits he was a little drunk. The officers say as long as the security cameras jive with his story, he'll be fine.
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