Man carries his paralyzed wife from house fire

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Sunday, December 25, 2016
Man carries paralyzed wife from house fire
Man rescues his paralyzed wife from their burning home.

HENDERSONVILLE, TN (KTRK) -- An image of a Sumner County, Tenn. man rescuing his paralyzed wife as their home went up in flames has earned him the nickname, "Superman."

The house in Hendersonville has been in Herman Hudson's family for generations.

Herman Hudson and his wife are childhood sweethearts.

Their families told WZTZ that Herman's wife gave him the option to leave when diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in her mid-20s. But he's been right by her side as her primary caretaker.

And decades later, he rushed into their burning house and carried her out to safety.

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The Hendersonville man is living his wedding vows, deciding it's not time for death to part him and his childhood sweetheart, running into their burning home Thursday to carry out his wife, who is paralyzed.

"The fireman told me, they couldn't believe I was 58," Herman said, "They said there is no way that I came out of that house with her...I would go in there again."

Herman Hudson came back to his house on Friday and found overwhelming support.

Family, friends and strangers stopped by all day and night, offering everything from kind words to meals and wheelchair, even an offer to build a new home.

"I'm sorry y'all, I am not crying over materials, I am crying over all the love that everybody is showing me, I can't leave to go anywhere without someone hugging me or handing me something," Hudson said.

The Hudson's say they'll continue to live here and rebuild on the property passed down many generations in the family.

Family members started a Go Fund Me account in an effort to help raise extra money so the family can get back on their feet.

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