Friends and family remember Pct. 3 Asst. Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- They wear the uniform and badge, and carry their gun. Thursday, they helped to fill Second Baptist Church Houston, with tears in their eyes.

An estimated 3,000 people attended Thursday's funeral service for Clint Greenwood, who devoted most of his life to the practice of law, and later, enforcing it as a peace officer.

WATCH: Greenwood's casket arrives at Second Baptist Church
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New video shows Asst. Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood's casket arriving at the church

Greenwood had a storied career as a prosecutor in the District Attorney's Office, as well as a DA investigator. He spent 20 years as an attorney before becoming an officer in the Harris County Sheriff's Office, and finally, as Assistant Chief Deputy Constable in Precinct 3.

He was shot and killed Monday morning as he arrived for work at the Baytown Courthouse Annex. His killer is still at large.

PHOTOS: Procession begins to Clint Greenwood's funeral

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WATCH: What you should know about Asst. Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood
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Courtney Fischer reports as Deputy Greenwood's funeral plans get underway

"I never met anybody better than Clint," said Jim Leitner of the D A's office. "His life wasn't in vain, and his death wasn't in vain," he said in his eulogy, standing on a podium behind Greenwood's flag-draped casket.

He was remembered as a student athlete, who was about to get in trouble at Texas Lutheran University for a college prank. Instead, he transferred to Rice, where his plan was to major in engineering. Much to his father's surprise, he graduated with a degree in Asian history.

"He liked the professor so he said he took every course he could from him. He enjoyed it, and said he'd worry about a career later," recalled one friend.

He had a practical joker side, and if you were his friend, you were a friend for life. Those who knew him best describe him as an expert marksman, who was "the best gunsmith in Houston." He would make rifles in his garage for friends at no charge.

He also had a passion for the law, in court, and in enforcing it.

"He was my hero and I have no doubt he was doing the job he loved more than anything," said his son, Chuck Greenwood, choking back tears as he delivered his eulogy. "I know what happened to my dad wasn't fair, but you know he would tell us, life isn't fair."

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Cannon was a childhood friend and fellow officer of Greenwood.

Greenwood's daughter and son, Catherine and Chuck, had many special moments to share.

"I want to celebrate Clint Greenwood - the husband, father and friend," Catherine said. "Growing up, I tried to denying that I was daddy's little girl. But I was. He is my best friend."

Catherine talked about how hard he worked as a single father.

"He was by himself, but he did the best he could. He didn't know that you couldn't take your 7-year-old daughter to "Terminator 3," Catherine said as everyone laughed. "But he never complained - ever."

"One thing never changed. He was my hero, and he still is," Chuck said. "There wasn't an ounce of quit in my dad, no matter what was thrown his way."

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Catherine and Chuck Greenwood share memories of their father.

"He was the glue who held our family and the rest of Harris County together," said his daughter, Catherine. "I used to deny I was daddy's little girl, but he always was my best friend."

There were also vows made by his friends to those in the audience.

"Whoever this coward is will be brought to justice. We will have our day and so will he," said Lt. Tim Cannon, who knew Greenwood since middle school and was his close friend for 40 years.

PHOTOS: Officers respond after deputy shot at Baytown courthouse

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Leatha Greenwood, his widow, described as a person as strong as her husband, delivered a plea after the service. "Somebody out there knows something, so contact Precinct 3 or Crimestoppers with any information," she said.

The reward fund that leads to an arrest now stands at $65,000.

The Greenwood family, his wife and four children, wore flower leis during the service. They were given by Greenwood's classmate at the National Law Enforcement Academy, who is from Hawaii. For funerals, they symbolize respect for the departed, and also a fond farewell.

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Hundreds attend a vigil Asst. Chief Deputy Greenwood in Baytown.

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