KIPP academy students remember classmate who drowned in Galveston

HOUSTON -- No one expects to lose a dear friend when you're just 12 years old.

With pain in her heart, Daisy Rosales picked up her pen and let her emotions go. Samira Carlon was always there in fifth period math class. Rosales says of her good friend, "She really understood me."

On Monday, students wore her favorite color blue in class.

"About half the school is wearing bows, bandanas, bracelets," says Rosales.

Rosales describes Carlon as a good friend and encourager.

"If you're having a bad day, she would always know what to say to make you feel better," says Rosales.

Rosales says Carlon took her studies seriously and wanted the best for those around her too.

"Like if she saw someone off task she would tell them shhh, stop talking or look at the teacher," says Rosales.

Samira drowned in Galveston on Thursday during a KIPP Voyage Academy for Girls Field Trip. Her body was found near Stewart Beach on Saturday.

"I was really heartbroken and it was just hard," says Rosales.

The trip was to recognize outstanding classwork.

Rosales started raising money to help her friend's family, first in the neighborhood and then a GoFundMe Page.

Outside the school on Mesa Drive at Rinn Road, there was a giving spirit today.

"We are all family. We all should help each other. That's one of the values they teach us at KIPP," says parent Yvette Lopez.

Class is much different today.

"She was the glue that kept everybody together," says Rosales.

Now the community feels it is their turn to stick by her family's side.

"We know Samira is still here in her spirit and we will always have her in our hearts," Rosales said.

A spokesperson for KIPP Academy says they have chaperones on all student trips. For the KIPP Voyage field trip to Galveston, they had 2 chaperones for 20 students. The superintendent has been communicating with families and the public through open letters on their website.
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