Homeowner gets revenge on would-be package thieves

Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Homeowners exact revenge on 'porch pirates'
Homeowners exact revenge on 'porch pirates'

In Washington State, some homeowners are turning into vigilantes. They're tired of people stealing their packages are they're now fighting back.

Of course, you've seen story after story: thieves hitting in broad daylight, coming on foot, by car and even on two wheels, looking for easy loot at your doorstep.

23 million Americans already falling victim to this crime - and now, some are fighting back.

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A Seattle woman used a high-tech solution to stop a package theft.

Jaireme Barrow setting up a booby-trapped bait box that set off a blank shotgun shell when grabbed.

While police say something this extreme isn't a great idea, so far, it's worked.


"I didn't want to hurt anybody, but just wanted to make the point that you don't touch something that doesn't belong to you," Barrow said.

Officials say the best way to fight back? Surveillance cameras that provide a clear view of faces, and license plates on getaway cars.

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