Four arrested after attempted robbery of Zales outlet store

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Friday, January 13, 2017
Four suspects in custody after jewelry store heist and chase
Four suspects in custody after jewelry store heist and chase.

SHENANDOAH, TX (KTRK) -- Four men are in custody after attempting to rob a Zales outlet store in Shenandoah, Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies said.

The attempted heist happened around 1:30 p.m. at the Zales in the Portofino Shopping Center, 19074 Interstate 45 South. A witness called 911 when they saw three men wakling into the store wearing masks. One man stayed in an SUV outside the store, the witness told police.

After the men took off, deputies then briefly chased the suspects before the suspects crashed along I-45 and Pruitt Rd., hitting another vehicle. The driver of that vehicle had minor injuries, deputies said.

The suspects attempted to get back on I-45, but hit a tree, stopping the vehicle. All four were then arrested.

Deputies say they are checking to see if these men could have something to do with a robbery at a jewelry store in The Woodlands Mall last week.

In that heist, a Good Samaritan was hit in the face with a hammer while trying to stop the robbery.