Flight lands safely after lithium battery fire

SAN FRANCISCO, California -- Passengers finally landed at SFO this morning after an in-flight fire made for a long night. The problem was a laptop in someone's carry on.

The JetBlue flight took off from JFK on its way to SFO when the FAA said a lithium battery in a passenger's laptop caught fire. The laptop was in a backpack in the cabin of the plane. Because of that, flight 915 had to make an emergency landing at the airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

"It was pretty scary to see smoke on the plane. We're at 35,000 feet and we hear an announcement, and we look back at row 25 and people are standing up and smoke coming around. We didn't know what was going on," said Alan Honniball, passenger.

The fire was put out before the plane landed around 8 p.m. in Michigan. No one was hurt.

There was no damage to the plane. Passengers report they were at the Grand Rapids airport for a little less than three hours. Once maintenance crews inspected the plane, passengers continued on to San Francisco.

The plane continued in service, leaving San Francisco for a flight to Florida.

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